Quotes from Head teachers and Assistant Heads of our partnership schools;
‘I highly recommend Havering Train 2 Teach for anyone interested in pursuing a career in education. The program provides excellent training and support for aspiring teachers, helping them develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the classroom. Havering Train to Teach is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to make a difference in the lives of students. 40% of our teachers have been trained through the Havering Train 2 Teach route and we have successfully supported 8 of our TAs to become qualified teachers.’
(Joanne Stanley – Assistant Head Teacher Broadford Primary School)
The collaboration between The Learning and Achieving Federation and Havering Train2Teach is mutually beneficial, facilitating the development of effective and supportive mentors while also enhancing the schools’ ability to attract high-calibre Early Career Teachers (ECTs).
Havering Train2Teach consistently delivers high quality support and up to date training to mentors and students alike, ensuring that ECTs are thoroughly prepared to embark on their teaching careers with confidence and proficiency.
(Craige Brown Executive Head Teacher The Mawney Foundation School and Crownfield Junior School)
We are delighted to work alongside Havering Train2Teach. They offer a great level of support for schools and trainees. It is so important to support the development of our new teachers.
(Michael Ross Head Teacher St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School)

Quote from one of Mentors:

Having the opportunity to be a mentor is brilliant. It is amazing to see the enthusiasm and passion our trainees have as they complete their initial teacher training. The trainees have such a well rounded, tailored training programme to follow which supports both the theoretical and practical side of becoming a teacher. Being a mentor and helping guide trainees towards such an important role is a great experience to be part of. 

(Jo Monaghan Year 2 Teacher)

Quotes from trainees:

Since beginning my teaching journey with Havering Train2Teach, I have been provided with invaluable experience, expertise, and training. The structure of the course allows you to fully immerse yourself into the schools you are placed at whilst staying on top of the online studying due to the study day given each week. There is constant support available whether that be from mentors, Jill, or your allocated TES pathway tutor. It has also been a comfort to get to know other trainees on the course with whom you are able to share experiences with at the partnership face to face sessions. The course is structured so that your teaching hours gradually increase, allowing you to build up your confidence and constantly develop your practice, acting on targets set each week. I feel as though I am constantly improving and learning, and the experience of teaching in two contrasting placements has been key to this. Staying organised and getting involved with as much as possible has made the whole course extremely enjoyable for me. I am excited to keep developing as a teacher throughout the rest of the course and afterwards as an ECT!

(Annie Cole)

Havering Train 2 Teach has been such a beneficial experience for my teacher training. With the correct guidance from staff it has my structured my passion for teaching into a reality. Using the resources for online learning was straightforward and accessible at all times. Weekly training sessions with Jill has has had a massive impact in my practice with the theory and knowledge learnt as you apply and observe through practice. I have found I have developed really good relationships with all trainees and we are thoroughly supported through the partnership. I have developed my skills in becoming a teacher and have secured myself a teaching role already before my course has even ended. There was a number of factors I was not made aware of what makes a good teacher and the skills you need to flourish. With Havering Train 2 Teach this has been demonstrated and carefully structured. This has been a positive experience as well as very intense. Support is always at hand and you never feel like you are drowning throughout this course.

(Iman St Luce)

Quotes from teachers:
The Havering Train2Teach program is an excellent training opportunity for someone who is interested in a career in teaching.  From day one, you are fully supported as you progress through your training year.  You will be assigned a mentor, an expert teacher who will be there to support you on a day to day basis.  This can be anything from lesson feedback, suggestions to help you develop your teaching style or support with questions you may have about your online learning.  The weekly face to face meetings give you the opportunity to meet with others on the course.  These meetings focus on specific elements of teaching, and it is within these sessions that you can share experiences and ideas with your peers.  It is also great to be able to share your learning journey with like-minded people in an honest, safe and open environment.  As well as your mentor, you will be assigned a pathway tutor.  Your pathway tutor will visit several times during the course of the year and they are there to support and guide you with your online learning program.  You will receive regular feedback on your studies, helping to keep you on track.  They will also observe you teaching during the year and help you to develop your teaching style ready for when you qualify.  For me however, the best aspect of this teacher training course was being in the classroom from day one.  Getting to know the class, watching my mentor and other expert teachers deliver quality first lessons was an inspiration and a fantastic opportunity to learn and develop with a hands-on approach.    
(Emma Tudor Year 3 Class Teacher Previous Trainee)