I trained to be a Primary School teacher at Engayne in 2016-17.  I found the course extremely stimulating and exhilarating.  Everyday offered new experiences in and out of the classroom; the support offered by my mentor and other members of staff made me feel integrated as part of the school.  Seeing the effect you have of imparting knowledge onto children from day one, and knowing that you can make a real impact on their lives only further cemented my decision to become a teacher, and is one I look back on with no regrets whatsoever. 

Mr Twist, previous trainee and current Year 3 teacher

I started my teaching career at Engayne as a trainee.  I was drawn to the course as I wanted to be in school as much as possible and I wanted to be able to build relationships with the students from the beginning.  The support I received as a student from the school was phenomenal, and ever since then I have been keen to pass on my knowledge and skills, which I have acquired during my time here.  I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to mentor students at Engayne and I have relished the challenge to help those joining the profession.  Being a mentor at Engayne means that now I am able to give back the support, care and guidance that I was given as I was starting out in my career in teaching.  The staff and students here are very used to working with new teachers and I don’t think there is a better place to train and start your career.  We look forward to meeting and working with you.

 Mr Easton, previous trainee and current Year 4 teacher and trainee mentor

I was a trainee teacher at Engayne Primary School in 2009-10.  My student year was an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience.  I received a very high quality of one to one mentoring support and was encouraged to manage my own learning in order to maximise my potential, develop my skills, improve my performance and become the teacher that I wanted to be. 

Mr Fitzpatrick, previous trainee and current Year 6 teacher

Training at Engayne was such a fantastic experience!  Everyone was so welcoming and I instantly felt like part of the team.  My mentors were incredibly supportive and there were so many opportunities to help me develop and build on my training and experiences.  It was such a positive start to an exciting career, I would encourage anyone who is thinking of training here to go for it!
Miss Cook, previous trainee and current reception teacher